Let’s Talk High Performance Organisations

Creating the right culture is key to performance

BY Estée Roodt (MCom Industrial Psychology)
Behavioural Specialist, Workpoints

Every organisation works to become as effective and efficient as possible. Although, this endeavour has sent many leaders down a rabbit hole, it always comes back to the simple truth that people are at the heart of it all. An organisation’s performance and effectiveness is linked directly to the quality of its team’s output. This in turn is driven by the culture that the organisation promotes, enables and enforces.

A work culture, potentially with sub-cultures, will be formed in an organisation. It is therefore up to leadership to decide whether the culture will be established through an active reinforcement of core values and practices, or, if it will be left to evolve in the absence of direction. The latter, which in many cases gives rise to an increased tolerance for compromise and a dereliction of excellence

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Let’s Talk High Performance Organisations


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