3 Ways to Improve Concentration at Work

Peace of mind at work enhances focus.

BY Sean Noné (Bachelor of Economic Science, Honours) COO, Workpoints

1.  Take a rest:  The biggest factor affecting concentration is rest and this has been proved by research. Concentration requires your mind to be calm. Your mind will be scattered if you are not well rested.

2.  Make a Plan:   Always have a plan for whatever you are up to. When you sit down to work without a plan, you may easily get caught up in activities like checking mails, instant messaging (chatting) and browsing the web. Without a purpose, you are wasting your time.

3.   Choose a place of your choice for concentration.  Obviously some places are better than others. School libraries, study lounges and private rooms are the best. Above all, the place that you choose should not be distracting. Try to stay away from other people as they are distractions.

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